Time to say sorry to Victor Blank

A new book by Ivan Fallon, Black Horse Ride, The Inside Story of Lloyds and the Banking Crisis, attempts to remind us of what actually happened in relation to Lloyds and HBOS, and how their merger was encouraged by desperate ministers and at first warmly applauded by the City, only to be castigated when all bankers became fair game.

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Sir Victor: Social immobility

The subject of social mobility in the UK is too often treated as a general concept. It is now taken for granted and is in danger of becoming a glib phrase – if it hasn’t already. There is much agonising and philosophising about its existence, yet we see very little action. It is easy to …

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Sir Victor: EU uncertainty bad for British business

Speaking to ITV News, Sir Victor said that the uncertainty for business caused by the possibility of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU is disastrous, and backed Ed Miliband’s pledge that a referendum would only be held by a Labour government if new powers were transferred to Brussels. Sir Victor said: “The uncertainty is disastrous for …

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